Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0318 Manufacture of food


Manufacturer (founded in 1818) of fu-manju (wheat gluten buns with bean-jam filling) and other Japanese confectioneries

Address 67 Naka, Hotei, Konan, Aichi 483-8235 JAPAN
Tel +81-587-56-3067

■Company Outline

OOGUCHIYA is a long-established Japanese confectionery manufacturer, founded in 1818. For customer convenience, the company has its stores in Mitsukoshi (Sakae, Nagoya), Matsuzakaya (Nagoya Station), Centrair Meihinkan/Central Concourse Gift Station (Nagoya Station), as well as its own four stores.

■Main Products


Ampu-Sankira: Ooguchiya's fine fu-manju (wheat gluten buns with bean-jam filling). Its glutinous stickiness, smoothness of raw wheat gluten, and subtle sweetness of smooth bean jam are well combined to create depth of flavor.

Roku Roku Kan: This is a generic term of yokan (a thick jellied sweet made of azuki bean paste) that is made with Ooguchiya's fine techniques. There are 6 types born with the rich blessing of nature. We carefully chose ingredients and created this yokan with our professional pride.

Buko Yobanashi: "Half-raw" sweets based on each seasonal taste. It is a bite-size "half-raw" sweet with subtle sweetness, appropriate softness, melting taste, and beautiful appearance. We create this sweet by elaborating on each design.

■Core Competence

Sweetness is the blessing of nature developed over time. The essence of a confectionery maker is to appreciate the blessing and to bravely attempt new creations. With this in mind, Ooguchiya exercises the utmost care in preserving traditional production methods for taste and hygiene control, as well as carefully selecting material, implementing management and formulas. We released fu-manju “Ampu-Sankira,” with confidence, and have been actively developing original Japanese-style confectioneries to achieve unique tastes. “Ampu-Sankira” is our top-selling product. The ingredient of fu-manju is fu (raw gluten) that has been appreciated in the Owari area for a long time. Ooguchiya has tried to use fu in confectioneries, and have achieved a unique flavor and texture through the process of trial and error. Our customers acknowledge our efforts and our fu-manju has become highly appreciated. We are making every effort to satisfy our customers by pursuing new creations through harmony with nature. We are also proactively developing new products that are appreciated by customers.