Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0033 Manufacture of food

Takikawa Oblate Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer of a bag shape oblate with a 90% market share in Japan

Address 3-3 Shimizuno, Hitokuwada, Shinshiro, Aichi 441-1338 JAPAN
Tel +81-536-26-1133

■Company Outline

Takikawa Oblate has a 90% share of the market for a bag shape oblate in Japan. Takikawa has developed its own special processing machine to manufacture a bag shape oblate, and prides itself on having unrivaled technology. Takikawa is developing edible film with its accumulated knowledge. Takikawa Oblate was the first oblate producer to acquire ISO 9001 certification (JQA-QM5882), in 2000.

■Main Products


BOC Round Oblate (200)
BOC Bag shape Oblate (50)
BOC Bag shape Oblate (100)
★New products
BOC Round Oblate Strawberry Flavor (200)
We have created strawberry flavored oblate using strawberry juice to help small children take medicine easily.
Other services are available, including a study or a test of edible films.


■Core Competence

Production of oblate (10 μm) and high-speed processing of a bag shape oblate Oblates are required to be soft, easy to take, and easy to swallow. In other words, oblates that are the thinnest, strongest, and the friendliest to the body. Takikawa Oblate has the required technologies and latest facilities to manufacture such oblates, and provides a stable supply of high quality products.