Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0704 Manufacture of food

Noda Miso Co.

A manufacturer of naturally fermented soybean miso, which promotes soybean miso through information distribution and the use of all kinds of ingredients

Address 6 Minamiyama, Masuzukanishi, Toyota, Aichi 470-1213 JAPAN
Tel +81-565-21-0028

■Company Outline

Noda Miso is a manufacturer of naturally fermented soybean miso, dedicated to the promotion of Japanese food culture through the practice of the traditional fermentation method using wooden barrels. For more than 80 years, the company has been known as Kuramoto Masuzuka Miso after the name of the area from which it originated.

■Main Products

A total of 11 miso products. Since its establishment, Noda Miso has advanced hand-in-hand with local soybean agriculture in the Aichi region. We have developed these miso products using mainly soybeans from Aichi, based on our mottos, "dietary education" and "local production for local consumption." Three natural miso types (soybean miso, mixed miso, and rice miso): Naturally developed miso without any artificial ingredients.


■Core Competence

Since its establishment, Noda Miso has practiced a natural long-term fermentation method (fermented for more than one and a half years) using rare cedar barrels. We have approximately 400 large barrels, the largest number in Japan. In the meantime, to stabilize product quality, the company has introduced a computer-based automatic control system in the preparation process (from washing soybeans to their placement in the wooden barrels), which used to require the individual attention of skilled workers. The automatic control system has also allowed the koji malt cultivation process to be conducted in a closed fermentation room, enabling the manufacture of high quality soybean miso. In addition, the "NK Can" (used for steaming soybeans) in the automatically controlled process has the capacity to steam 6 tons of ingredients at once, the largest NK Can in Japan. Noda Miso has achieved a balance of tradition and modernization. It has also preserved safe and secure miso manufacturing and a traditional Japanese taste.