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Certification No. 1005 Manufacture of food

Miyagawa Co. Ltd. Specialized in Seaweed

Miyagawa Co. Ltd. protects the safety of the product by using one of own developed Contaminant Removal Technology which supports the commercialization of foreign matter complete removal of Aosa seaweed.

Address 169 Koda-town, Tahara-city, Aichi, Japan, Aichi 441-3613 JAPAN
Tel 0531-32-0032

■Company Outline

By believing a company philosophy "Food Safety and Security" and "Protect the Blessing of Sea of Mikawa Bay", we provide the highest quality Aosa products(Seaweed), using own foreign matter removal technology and drying techniques.

■Main Products

Aonori are Green dried seaweed(Green laver)
Aosanori are Dried sea lettuce(Ulva seaweed)
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■Core Competence

Aosa Seaweed(Ulva class) are mixed with fibers, crustaceans, shellfish, and another kind of seaweed, a large amount of foreign matter such as sand mixed, and they cannot be easily removed these foreign matter by simple cleaning.
Our company developed one of own technology to remove foreign matter completely, which can provide as a "Finished product" directly to food manufacturers.
We protect the food safety and security.
In order to achieve to our goal;
* Electronic color sorter, X-ray inspection machines and metal detectors in the manufacturing stage
* Using own unique process for foreign matter removal technology, not done by other companies.