Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0415 Manufacture of food


A specialized manufacturer of mustard products, having a dominant share of Japan’s industrial mustard market

Address 24-1 Hongomae, Togari, Hagiwara, Aichi 491-0375 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-69-0309

■Company Outline

Established in 1875, MINOKYU CO., LTD. develops mustard products that meet the needs of the times and are popular around the world.

■Main Products


MINOKYU produces mustard flour, prepared mustard, whole-grain mustard, American mustard, mustard sauce, and other spices.
Our packaged products weigh from only one gram to as much as needed. For home use, we sell mustard in tubes (about 40g), in glass jars (50 to 100g), and in plastic bottles (about 100 to 300g). For industrial use, we offer products in various weights from 500 grams up to about a ton to meet customers' needs.

■Core Competence

In recent years, MINOKYU has accounted for nearly 50 percent of all imported mustard seeds that Japan consumes annually.
We have a traceability system for the mustard seeds we purchase from our contract farmers: we were the first in the Japanese mustard industry to ensure thorough quality control by tracing and managing the production history of each product from its source material.
At the annual World-Wide Mustard Competition held in the U.S., we are the only Japanese manufacturer to have won a gold medal. In fact, we have received the gold medal five times since 1996.
MINOKYU develops mustard products that are used around the world.