Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0426 Manufacture of food


A specialized manufacturer of Mamegashi or bean snacks, committed to helping protect soybean farming in Japan and promoting soybean food culture

Address 2-14-10 Shinmichi, Nishi, Nagoya, Aichi 451-0043 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-571-4057

■Company Outline

Since its foundation in 1939, MAMEFUKU CO., LTD., a specialized manufacturer of Mamegashi, has built and enhanced brand loyalty and customer enthusiasm for “MAMEFUKU” products, with a philosophy of producing a broad range of products in small quantities. We are one of the few confectionary companies to offer high value-added and original products by using judiciously selected materials. We have a branch shop in Matsuzakaya and Takashimaya department stores, and our products are also available in well-known luxury supermarkets.

■Main Products

" Sankaimame ", one of MAMEFUKU ' s main products, are made of "Sodefuri Daizu," a kind of large soybean with rich sweetness and flavor harvested in Hokkaido, Japan. The grains are elaborately roasted and then seasoned with our special sauce. Each set of three pieces is rolled in a sheet of dried Nori laver cultivated in the Ariake Sea in Kyushu, Japan Sankaimame, which uses a specially selected material and is uncompromisingly made with our traditional recipe, is the soybean snack of which MAMEFUKU is justly proud. In addition to soybeans, we use peanuts, broad beans, and many other kinds of beans to produce deep-fried, boiled, and sugar-coated bean snacks. MAMEFUKU offers about 60 different bean products with authentic flavors of the ingredients.

■Core Competence

Direct production and sales for cost reduction and a variety of high-quality products Our direct production and sales system successfully reduces distribution costs, enabling us to offer bean snacks using high-quality materials. We use only soybeans grown in Japan in addition to regional specialties throughout the country and ingredients for which we can trace their production areas and producers. This is the foundation of the MAMEFUKU brand as a specialized manufacturer of safe and flavorful bean confectionary. Because we have a special shop and manufacturing capabilities, we can provide many types of products in small quantities. We work on developing new products by reflecting customers’ voices. MAMEFUKU keeps people informed of the good nutritional balance of soybeans. We have been running a home cooking class for 19 years, featuring soybeans and other materials. We also hold lectures to encourage the use of beans in food, organize trips to bean production areas, and provide other educational events to promote interactive engagement with customers.