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Certification No. 0117 Manufacture of food


Based on traditional techniques, the manufacturer that has been providing hatcho miso (fermented soybean paste produced in Hatcho) with its long history and traditional flavor handed down for 19 generations

Address 69, Okandori, Hatcho, Okazaki, Aichi 444-0923 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-21-0151

■Company Outline

The company produces and sells hatcho miso, having taken over the traditional taste and recipe that has endured since 1645. In addition, the company has been engaged in industrial tourism, publicizing itself as “Hatcho Miso Village.”

■Main Products

"Hatcho miso (fermented soybean paste produced in Hatcho)" is made of top quality soybeans, salt and water. It is fermented naturally for two summers and two winters (two years). Although hatcho miso is often thought to be salty because of its dark color and firmness caused by the long fermentation period, it actually contains low sodium. A large amount of plant origin unsaturated fatty acid is also contained in hatcho miso, and soybean protein is well broken down into amino acids. It is a nutritional food with good digestive and absorption qualities. There are no food additives contained in our foodstuffs nor is thermal sterilization used, hatcho miso is a "living" natural food.
"Akadashi miso" is hatcho miso blended with special rice miso.

■Core Competence

The first hatcho miso was produced in Hatcho (Hatcho Village in ancient days), 8 cho (Cho is an old distance unit. Eight cho is equal to about 880 meters) west of Okazaki Castle in Okazaki, Aichi.
In the Edo era, hatcho miso became famous through people coming and going along the Old Tokaido Road. As a result, hatcho miso increased in popularity not only in the local area but also in Edo.
The special taste of hatcho miso created by the long fermentation period is a crucial ingredient for the local food in the Tokai area such as “Miso-nikomi Udon (udon noodle simmered with miso)” and “Miso Katsu (miso flavored pork cutlet).”