Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0703 Manufacture of food


A manufacturer and distributor of ebisenbei (shrimp crackers), valuing a traditional taste which has been passed down over generations

Address 52-1 Kittanagare, Kitagata, Mihama, Aichi 470-2403 JAPAN
Tel +81-569-82-0248

■Company Outline

Since its establishment in 1989, EBISENBEINOSATO has been committed to the manufacture and distribution of ebisenbei, striving to communicate their genuine taste. We continue to produce safe, secure, and tasty ebisenbei.

■Main Products


Hamasen Ebiusuyaki: thin crackers made with lots of shrimp. Crispy and rich in flavor. They are popular as gifts and complements ochazuke (rice with green tea).   


"Tako" Octopus Karaage: baked and fried small octopus. It is rich in flavorsome natural ingredients.

■Core Competence

Since its establishment, EBISENBEINOSATO has maintained flexible operations to be able to address different needs at different times. We have also promoted active operations such as technology development to meet customer needs, expansion into the mail-order business, and the opening of direct retail shops. Throughout our company's development, we have been supported by many customers. We are committed to the safe and secure manufacture of crackers through the establishment of a unique integrated manufacturing system in our factories to thaw ingredients (shrimp, octopus, etc.), remove foreign substances from the ingredients, combine condiments, knead the dough, bake, pack, and ship. EBISENBEINOSATO is engaged in the development of a sustainable business system by applying ISO 9000 series and HACCP, and evaluating our business objectively on a constant basis.