Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0147 Manufacture of food

DainichiFoods Co., LTD.

Company wholeheartedly producing and providing healthy and safe Japanese pickles and other food products

Address 52 Higashihiro, Fukishima, Tokai, Aichi 476-0011 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-604-1403

■Company Outline

DainichiFoods is committed to producing high-quality products at its sanitary plants that retain the features of fresh vegetables. The company develops new types of pickles and other food products based on Japanese rice culture. In addition, DainichiFoods focuses on fermented foods, including authentic pickled vegetables made the traditional way using salted rice-bran paste.

■Main Products

Vegetable pickles ("Hokkai Nama Ippon,"
"Hakusai Kimuchi," "Hidaka-san Konbu-iri Hakusai" etc.)
Vegetable and seafood products, food boiled in soy sauce ("Kyarabuki," "Asadaki Kintoki,"
"Daigaku Imo," "Fukishigure," etc.)


■Core Competence

DainichiFoods is able to freely apply its techniques for making pickles and daily dishes.
We emphasize local production for local consumption and develop products using agricultural and fish products produced especially on the Chita Peninsula. One of our products, “Kyarabuki” using the Japanese vegetable “Fuki” produced in Kokai, was recognized as a top-class souvenir nationwide by the committee of the 45th Japan Recommended Gift and Souvenir Organization. As a result, the shipping volume of “Kyarabuki” increased. Other products using local ingredients (“Shiitake ? Japanese mushrooms” from Chita, “Ichijiku - figs from Tokoname,” “Kuki Wakame ? stem of seaweed” and “Chirimen - boiled and dried immature sardines” from Minami-Chita Toyohama) are sold and have been highly praised. In addition, “Asazuke (pickles)” using the traditional vegetable “Karimori” produced in Aichi are also popular.