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Certification No. 112 Manufacture of fabricated metal products


Plating company with its own processing technology applicable to various metals and resins

Address 2-1001 Hanasakidai,Moriyama, Nagoya, Aichi 463-0808 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-739-0633

■Company Outline

SHIRAGANE PLATING provides a wide variety of surface treatment services including metal and resin plating, as well as resin coating. Worthy of special note is its resin plating technology. The company has established techniques for polycarbonate or plate resins containing glass fiber on a large scale. SHIRAGANE has advanced technology and high productivity.

■Main Products




■Core Competence

Shiragane Plating is the first company to provide plating on polycarbonate resin containing 20% glass fiber. This plating technology was acknowledged by F Company and we became an approved factory of F Company. Furthermore, our technique for plating on polycarbonate has been approved by the world class T Company. Shiragane Plating takes pride in holding over 70% of delivery record of plated resin door handles to T Company. Our competencies are stated below.
Nickel-plating of semiconductor products
Velour coating (delustering)
Two-color plating using insert forming
Resin plating on special materials containing glass fiber
Research and development of next-generation anti-rust plating systems (joint development between industries and universities)