Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 208 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Sannouriken CO., LTD.

A surface treatment company featuring hard chrome plating

Address 5 Tamaike, Nishi, Nagoya, Aichi 452-0812 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-502-1151

■Company Outline

Sannouriken specializes in surface treatment (mainly hard chrome plating) for hydraulic and pneumatic components (rods) used in construction equipment. The company has one of the largest market shares in Japan. Sannouriken's mass production technology achieves chrome plating with high corrosion resistance. Products up to 3 m in size are set vertically to improve dimensional accuracy and uniformity.

■Main Products

・Hard chrome plating for hydraulic and pneumatic piston rods
・Hard chrome plating for coated shafts
・Electroless nickel plating
・Electroless nickel/PTFE eutectoid plating

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■Core Competence

Sannouriken has provided its core mass-produced products (850,000/year in 2006), hard chrome rods and plated shafts, to a number of customers in Chubu, Kanto, and Kansai areas.
The plating industry requires one of so-called 3K work conditions (“Kitsui (tough),” “Kitanai (dirty),” and “Kiken (dangerous)”) and is not necessary environment-friendly.
Sannouriken will respond to customer needs by acquiring Environment ISO certification as well as providing stable products to numerous customers with proactive automation.