Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 1227 Manufacture of fabricated metal products


The leading company in smoke-free Yakiniku grills; its market share reaches over 60%

Address 110 Wakabadai, Meito, Nagoya, Aichi 465-0015 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-776-2231

■Company Outline

Shinpo is a company specialized in smoke-free Yakiniku grills with over 60% share in the domestic market. We have been challenging hard to be ONLY ONE partner for our clients by providing not only highly sophisticated enginnering but also a 24H maintenance service and the total air-conditioning engineering with our unique know-hows.

■Main Products

Focusing on good taste grilling, to be safe, easy to handle, cost conscious and saving energy. We have dedicated to create and maintain the best quality and to contribute to protect the environment. Our new models, D series, carry varieties of user-friendly and safty features such as a self-check function on water coolant level, an anti-bacterial switch lever, a top-ring reducing oil stain and so forth. The model shows excellence in energy saving as well, you can save up to USD 4,000 a year in utility cost, comparing to our old models, estimated in a case of 20 units installation. You can make a choice in four kinds of grill heating styles, the real charcoal, the seramic charcoal, the man-made stone like charcoal and the radiation metal plate, as you like.


■Core Competence

Shinpo is the company to invent and start a mass production of the smoke-free grilling system in the first time ever in the human history. And, we have enjoyed to continuously be No.1 supplier in its kind ever since. No one can copy or follow our customer-oriented way of business, which contains three importnat factors, durable and easy to use products, unique air-conditioning engneering and heartful and quality maintenance services. Thus, our strong will and dedication for our customers have made oueself so diffrent than any others in the market.