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Certification No. 918 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Metal Heat Co., Ltd.

Faster than anywhere else, to apply sure than anywhere else, and innovative metal heat treatment manufacturer engaged in a polite suggestion than anywhere else.

Address 5-3-6, Touei-cho, Anjo, Aichi, 446-0007, JAPAN, Aichi 446-0007 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-98-2501

■Company Outline

Metal heat treatment manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment. We have developed the RVC processing method for ultra-long life of the mold. In addition, we are holding a one-of-a-kind technology, such as heat treatment technology for neodymium magnet.

■Main Products

Vacuum heat treatment  (RV treatment,  RVC treatment,  Solution treatment,  Magnetic annealing,  Stress relief annealing,  Cryo treatment,  Soaking treatment,  Brazing,  Hardening and tempering,  Normalizing,  Tempering,  Stabilization treatment, Age hardening,  Precipitation ),   Hydrogen atmosphere heat treatment,   Metal heat treatment school ,   Engineering services for the heat treatment equipment


■Core Competence

「Metal heat treatment solution project」 we are going a new heat treatment proposed.
We are a metal heat treatment manufacturer that specializes in vacuum heat treatment, but it has developed a problem-solving business model of the new form in cooperation with other companies in the same industry in different fields. The project is called "metal heat treatment solution project", going a new heat treatment proposed.