Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 020 Manufacture of fabricated metal products


Offering joint development of next-generation products by deep-drawn stainless steel pressing

Address 202 Higashiwaki, Nishimiyuki, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-8113 JAPAN
Tel +81-532-45-1151

■Company Outline

Noguchi has developed new products by applying its technology to deep-draw stainless steel cylinders for automotive parts and home appliance parts. These new products have been distributed on a global basis.

■Main Products

Engine parts, air conditioning parts, sensor parts, motor parts for automobiles, solenoid valves parts for home appliances, cans for dry cells, cases for sensors, and other metal press parts.

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■Core Competence

・Recently, automotive parts, home appliance parts, cans for dry cells, and cases for sensors especially require high-accuracy, high-stiffness, and lightweight (thinness). We have met these requirements by further improving our technology to deep-draw stainless steel cylinders and by conducting research and development on ultra-thin and ultra-deep-drawn seamless pipes. We are able to process deep drawing on stainless steel cylinders of 20 mm diameter and 400 mm length (20-fold the product diameter).
・Deep-drawn pressing technologies of pure titanium materials have been developed through cooperation with universities. As part of the achievement, we have been distributing temperature sensors with anti-corrosion pure titanium cases.