Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 801 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Nakacoh Corporation

Proposal-oriented metal processing to achieve "One of a kind"

Address 106-2 Igetaguro, Kuroda, Kisogawa, Ichinomiya, Aichi 493-0001 JAPAN
Tel +81-586-87-2181

■Company Outline

Since the foundation in 1954, Nakacoh Corporation, as metal processing company, has been maintaining an integrated order processing system from design to manufacturing to make the best use of its excellent processing technologies, and focusing on safety,functionality, and design features giving shape to design drawings in order to meet customer needs for "one of a kind."

■Main Products

Nakacoh operates an integrated system including design, manufacturing, and on-site installation to provide its products including elevator fixtures(wall, door, ceiling, handrail, mirror, etc.), elevator parts, control board boxes for building equipment, machine tool parts, and building equipment parts.


■Core Competence

Nakacoh meets customer requirements for high quality, low cost, and short delivery time with an integrated order processing system from planning to completion for the processing of precision sheet metals and sheet metals with design features.We provide products with good combination of sheet metals and various materials utilizing time-honored experiences and processing technologies,and have technologies to manufacture high-precision products best using the features of products or materials. As the result of long-term efforts to develop design-featured products, we have particular strength in manufacturing specific elevators for first-class hotels and high-rise office buildings that require "one of a kind" and those for dams, power stations, etc. that require safety and high quality.