Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 001 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Nagoya Plating Co., Ltd.

Plating specialist manufacturer that can plate all types of materials

Address 16-11 Hanaomote, Atsuta, Aichi 456-0033 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-882-5541

■Company Outline

Nagoya Plating is a specialized plating company that has specialized surface processing techniques to provide precious metal plating to rare metals. Materials do not limit our plating techniques. Nagoya Plating is also developing new plating techniques such as special plating for application on fabrics and on fuel cell related products and “Art craft plating” where the surface texture is expressed by plating.

■Main Products

We provide any plating on internal combustion components of automobiles, precious metal plating on automotive sensor parts, precious metal plating on aircraft parts, re-plating on classic car parts, and art craft plating on cosmetic brushes and ballpoint pens. We also provide cleaning service to remove contamination and grease on the surface of each component.

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■Core Competence

Under our slogan “The only things we can not apply plating to are water and air” we provide plating techniques that are not limited by metals. At the same time, we do not only provide re-plating but also apply our plating techniques to commercialization of automotive and motorcycle “Restoration culture” that plays an important role in the current recycling society.
Although plating is a low technology in itself, it always leads to new possibilities. It is a pleasure to develop new materials and functions through the amalgamation of plating and new materials.