Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 604 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Kawamura Sangyo-sho Inc.

A pioneer company in the deep drawing press of large parts, from small to large volumes

Address 1104 Kaechi, Shimokayatsu, Ama, Aichi 490-1114 JAPAN, Aichi 490-1114 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-444-3313

■Company Outline

Since our company's establishment in 1938, we have specialized in wide-variety-small-volume products. In 1960, we manufactured an original light vehicle, "Kawamura Sports."
We have maintained a dynamic spirit of manufacturing to become a top-class press maker with high customer satisfaction achieved through deep drawing press technology of large parts and innovative facility investment.

■Main Products

Our wide range of products includes tour/route autobus parts, outer panels of small autobuses (about 98% of panels used for front/back, right/left/ceiling, door, etc.), air-conditioner parts, construction machine parts, resin products, and aircraft parts.



■Core Competence

facilities/production processes appropriate for wide-variety-medium-volume production (combination of press, laser processing and hand-work finishing skills). Especially, our 2,000 t drawing pressing machine can process parts longer than 5 m, and is combined with a laser cutting machine to manufacture large parts with minimal investment.
Furthermore, we are confident in our total production power that involves trial technology and its application to production to establish a mass-production technology of air conditioner parts; proposal power for the development of outer panel press/assembly parts; long-established hand-work skills in the field of thin outer panels; and a production management system of wide-variety/complicated assembly products.