Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 024 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Fuji Kihan Co., Ltd.

“WPC treatment,” - recipe for manufacturing, and “High Efficiency, Natural Catalyst PIP Titanium”- trump card for CO2 reduction

Address 471 Marushincho, Kita, Nagoya, Aichi 462-0063 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-902-2930

■Company Outline

Fuji Kihan has precision shot peening technology with which minute metal powder is injected into a workpiece at high speed to improve strength and wear resistance. These precision shot peened products are employed in engines for F-1 racing and major automobile manufacturers. The ceramic optical catalyst products to which titanium is injected are also capturing attention.

■Main Products

The "WPC treatment" has been accepted by over 100 companies in Japan as a recipe for manufacturing, and has been widely used in cutting tools, molds, and machine components. In addition, the WPC treatment has contributed to the acquisition of the global excellence of automakers and machine tool manufacturers. High efficiency natural catalyst "PIP titanium," developed as an applied technology, has also been gathering attention for reducing allergic symptoms (atopy and hay fever), alleviating stiff shoulders, improving healing capacity, providing relaxation effects, promoting environmental cleanup, and reforming fuels.


■Core Competence

The WPC treatment has been developed through the study of surface improvement technologies that cause a collision of fine particles at high speed (40 patents acquired). The WPC treatment enables a strengthening process during heat treatment, forging, penetrant diffusion, and plating by repeating instantaneous rapid heating and cooling. The repetition of rapid heating and cooling is realized by injecting fine particles onto the surface of the metal and ceramic products. The metal structure becomes highly durable and tough through miniaturization, densification, and the alloying process. This leads to significant processing effects. Compound treatments with other surface improvement processes can be easily undertaken and significant effects can be obtained. The high efficiency natural catalyst “PIP titanium” is a new technology of a titanium oxide film layer in a deoxidized inclined structure. It serves as a catalyst, becoming active not only to ultraviolet rays but also to a large variety of energies. It is highly effective for purification, deodorization, antibacterialization, prevention of stains, and others. We are proud that it will contribute positively to environmental measures against global warming.