Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 602 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Daiwa Excel Co., Ltd.

Our key word is "protection," representing our basic stance on environmental protection.

Address 1-1-24 Kanarebashi, Chikusa, Nagoya, Aichi 464-002 JAPAN, Aichi 464-0002 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-771-6191

■Company Outline

Daiwa Excel is a metal surface treatment provider, specializing in uniform plating of the inner/outer surfaces of cylindrical materials using unique technology. We mainly provide a pipe plating service (inner/outer surfaces) of automotive parts for major automotive manufacturers. Of these, component parts of gasoline tanks account for 60%, and safety function parts for 30%.

■Main Products

A jig is a crucial tool for electroplating. How many products (parts) can be handled in one jig at one time depends on the design and development of jigs with high production efficiency. Our specialty is the evenness of electrodeposition power with supplemental electrodes to ensure throwing power by incorporating positive supplemental electrodes into jigs. This principle is applied to products such as filler pipes (pipes that convey gasoline into tanks). Filler pipes require treatment on both inner and outer surfaces, therefore, the effect of supplementary electrodes is maximized.

■Interior surface processing for pipes

■Products using unique technology

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■Core Competence

Using our unique technology to apply supplementary electrodes, we have solved the difficulty of plating the inner/outer surface of cylindrical materials and established a mass production system. Our distinctive plating technology is inner/outer surface plating of small/large pipes with an internal diameter of 5mm or more. As a result, our plating of filler pipes (component parts of automotive gasoline tanks) accounts for 90% of use in Toyota Motor Corporation, 80% in Suzuki Motor Corporation and 70% in Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Overseas technical support has also been provided through the establishment of a company with FTS (formerly Horie Metal Co., Ltd.) in Thailand and a technical support agreement with TEKNHA in Spain through the FTS Company in Indonesia and Suzuki Motor Corporation in India and Hungary.