Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 321 Manufacture of fabricated metal products


A manufacturer specialized in cooking equipment for commercial use, with high market shares in ovens and gas ranges

Address I-9 Kabutoshinden, Sobue, Inazawa, Aichi 495-8517 JAPAN
Tel +81-587-97-8441

■Company Outline

COMET KATO MFG. is a specialized manufacturer of cooking equipment for commercial use, with high Japan market shares in ovens and gas ranges. While devoting its energies to developing new cooking equipment and systems, the company supports customers with an integrated service framework, from development to maintenance.

■Main Products

"Cooking equipment for commercial use"
Steam convection oven
Gas range
Rice cooker
Electromagnetic cooke


■Core Competence

“Control technology of gas combustion and supporting system for users”
With the increasing needs of specialized cooking equipment, Comet Kato designs original equipment by responding to users’ opinions. We promote research and development by professional engineers, and have achieved a small-lot/various-type production line that is unique to us by introducing excellent gas combustion control technology, original manufacturing know-how, and the latest NC machine. We provide customers with optimal products.

Comet Kato also provides more than 300 original cooking recipes for customers to make full use of the equipment that they have purchased, supporting the future food culture with new ideas. Maintenance activities are part of our service. We have consolidated a back-up system to enable after-delivery products to operate in the best condition at all times. Our maintenance services provided by company service personnel and our 24 hours/365 days support system are highly appreciated by customers.