Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 809 Manufacture of fabricated metal products


We ase a company which provides an extra added value by offering a coating service to molds,which support the manufacturing industry of Japan.

Address 3-21,Miyuki-cho,1-choume, Kasugai, Aichi 486-0953 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-31-4005

■Company Outline

Since the establishment,we have applied our hard chrome plating technology to various molds of intricate designs.
In recent years,we have progressed as a group also as of today,offering an extra added value by introducing "Cromax" to the mold industry.

■Main Products

Our hard chrome plating service mainly covers,large-sized molds including press molds for car body,SMC molds for bath-tub for housing facilities,molds for car headlights,PVC pipes,rain gutters,molds for plastic for miscellaneous goods,molds for rubber for O-ring and other car parts,molds for tile,molds for glass,tools and parts.We also provide electroless nickel coating,Zinc coating,"Cromax"which is an improved and hardened version of hard chrome plating,and laser welding service for repairing molds and tools from precision to the heavy industry.



■Core Competence

・Coating service towards molds for car headlights.
・The facilities for coating car body press molds are domestically in the highest quality.
・Able to coat regardless of it's shape or it's material.
・We are the developer of "Cromax".