Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 505 Manufacture of fabricated metal products

The ANSCO Co.,Ltd

A manufacturer of high-precision hex socket head cap screws and hex socket set screws, producing a million pieces a day

Address 984 Anada, Seto, Aichi 489-0003 JAPAN, Aichi 489-0003 JAPAN
Tel +81-561-48-2430

■Company Outline

ANSCO produces hex socket head cap screws and hex socket set screws, amounting to a million units a day. They are used for a wide range of applications, such as automotive engine peripherals and safety components, machine tools, and home appliances.
With our long history of technical know-how and excellent facilities, we guarantee to meet quality, cost, and delivery requirements.
We are dedicated to continuing to produce all our products in Japan.

■Main Products

505_01.jpgHex socket head cap screws: Screws with a hexagonal hole in the cylindrical head, used to fasten heavily loaded joints with high torque
Hex socket set screws: Screws with no head, coming in a variety of shapes at one end, such as an oval point, flat point, dog point, cone point, and cup point. They are used to tighten a component perpendicularly to the mating face.
A-ND (patch processing) (see photo on the right): A reusable screw with a nylon patch on the threads to prevent loosening

■Core Competence

Under the slogan, “Work in Harmony with Nature, Work for the Benefit of People,” we create wall paints, construction materials, fine ceramics, and other products. Our paints, in particular, are water-based and organic-solvent-free and we use our own methods to minimize drainage and waste generated during the production process.
As a paint manufacturer committed to the enhancement of cityscapes, we provide as many as 1,200 different basic colors?no competitors offer such a vast number of products? to meet customer needs and expectations, based on our belief in “Many People, Many Colors.”
In addition, we deal with natural paints from Germany and allergy-free paints from Sweden.
KIKUSUI Chemical has a deep respect for the environment, color harmony, and the individual employees.