Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 227 Manufacture of fabricated metal products


A comprehensive manufacturer of kitchen equipment for professional use in various food-related industries including food processing plants, school lunch center, hospital, company catering service and etc

Address 60 Bonyu, Shiratori, Toyokawa, Aichi 442-8580 JAPAN
Tel +81-533-88-5111

■Company Outline

Since its establishment in 1953, AIHO has been developing a variety of professional-use kitchen equipment to support those engaged in the food-related industry. The company takes pride in being the top manufacturer of sequential rice cookers for example, with focus on safe & functional machines that cook tasty rice. AIHO ’ s cleaning equipment, especially the energy-saving cleaning systems are widely used in kitchens nationwide such as school lunch centers.

■Main Products

The best-selling sequential rice cooking system, RICE-FRIEND series


The ACA energy-saving cleaning system widely used in school lunch centers and other central kitchens.


The COMBI-OVEN with v arious heating techniques including roasting , steaming, simmering and etc.


The easy-to-use food slicer ELE-CUTTER quickly and easily cutting large quantity of vegetable.


■Core Competence

AIHO’s sequential rice cookers are widely used in the food production industry day and night producing thousands and millions of food products sold in convenience stores, lunch snack shops, and supermarkets. The sequential rice cooker is energy & space-saving and cooks tasty rice in large quantities. Since its release, it has gained high reputation from demanding customers and become the best selling product.
Without being satisfied with the current achievements, AIHO will consider customers’opinions, improve the long-accumulated know-how and continue to manufacture excellent products of the time.