Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 702 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies


"Japan's best electric component provider" and a "comprehensive provider of wire harnesses" serving the aerospace industry

Address 63-1 Kakihata, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0901 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-67-2160

■Company Outline

TOYO KOKU DENSHI, which started as a manufacturer specializing in electric wire harness assemblies for airplanes, has expanded its operation to design and production of measuring/testing devices and automatic circuit testing machines. As a unique company, we envision further contributions to the continuously globalizing aerospace industry.

■Main Products

1. Electric component manufacturing: TOYO KOKU DENSHI is focusing on the development, design and manufacturing of wire harnesses for aircraft/space/defence components and highly reliable cables for various environments.
2. Outfitting: We are engaged in outfitting the manufactured electric components and hydraulic components to aircraft.
3. Measuring/testing system manufacturing: Our various products are used at the Tanegashima Space Center large rocket launch complex.
4. Automatic circuit testing machine manufacturing: We manufacture original automatic circuit testing machines using our advanced technology. We also provide both general and made-to-order services for function testing systems, conduction and insulation of electric circuits.        

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■Core Competence

Aircraft safety requires the manufacture of high quality and reliable aero products by highly technically skilled workers. In our company, employees who have acquired special process qualifications perform the manufacturing operations. In addition, we meet various needs and produce system testing devices in-house for airplanes, rockets and other flying objects. In particular, we have acquired advanced technologies and have numerous achievements in the areas of development, design and manufacture of measuring/testing devices for rockets through the development of the N rockets, H-I/H-II/H-IIA rockets, and the latest H-IIB rockets at the Tanegashima Space Center. Such accumulated technology in the business of measuring/testing systems has allowed us to develop and manufacture automatic circuit testing machines that enable efficient functional testing/conduction/insulation of electrical circuits.