Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 210 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies


A manufacturer of electronic control devices for industrial use with next-generation technologies ? “optical,” “energy,” “information”

Address 1-39 Hikisawa, Kagiya, Kasugai, Aichi 480-0393 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-88-1700

■Company Outline

TOYO ELECTRIC CORPORATION’s product lineup includes optical application products (such as sensors for elevators and space optical transfer units), information control systems, products that feature enbedded technology, as well as surge-cut transformers and Low-loss molded transformers. TOYO ELECTRIC CORPORATION supplies those products to customers in a wide range of industries.The company continues to provide products, developed by its long-accumulated know-how and various technologies, to a wide range of industries.

■Main Products

Our main products include sensors for elevators (with an approximate domestic market share of 70%), space optical transfer units (high-speed optical transfer of information) including those for Ethernet, information control systems including wire-saving Conveyor  controllers (controlling 4 DC brushless motor rollers simultaneously using field network), and energy-related equipment including low-loss dry-type transformers (environment friendly).
TOYO ELECTRIC CORPORATION implements research and development to meet customer needs and gains high appraisal from our customers in various industries.

<Space optical transferunit for Ethernet>

  <Wire-savingConveyor controller>
<Low-loss dry-typeTransformer>

■Core Competence

Optical application devices such as space optical transfer units and elevator sensors with 70% of the domestic market share are widely used in various industries.
We have been meeting customer needs by developing added functions including surge-cut functions, smaller sizes, and energy-saving features. Furthermore, we have further developed our core transformer technology depending on the needs of the time.
Our control systems developed to satisfy customers are also one of our core technologies, gaining high appraisal.