Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 008 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies


A leading manufacturer of control components for gas, oil and electric water heaters

Address 5-98 Totsubo, Ohguchi, Aichi 480-0125 JAPAN
Tel +81-587-95-6661

■Company Outline

Time Engineering produces control components to efficiently use resources such as gas, water, and electricity by utilizing its abundant sensors and actuators.
The company is able to handle various-type/small-lot production through its system from development to production, having a large market share in the field.

■Main Products

【Gas related products】
   Safety shut off solenoid valves, modulating valves, governors

【Water related products】
 Water solenoid valves, Motorized control valves,
 Flow sensors, Flow switches, Battery operated valves

【Electronic control equipment】
   Home appliances, Industrial appliances,
   Catering equipment, Hair dressing/Beauty equipment,
   Health equipment, Medical equipment, etc.

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■Core Competence

Time Engineering is a manufacturer of control components that develops a comprehensive range of the products, from mechanical/electric actuators to electronic devices including software/hardware components, based on the strength in product development and production engineering. In Japan, Time Engineering has a 60% market share in control valves for gas, oil fired and electric water heaters, and also focuses to export gas valves to Europe and Korea market.
We are developing approximately 100 new electronic products every year, and developing functional components of fuel cells that are expected to be the future energy source.