Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 708 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies


A manufacturer of electrical equipment with world class molding technology

Address 80 Nagare, Jimokuji, Ama, Aichi 490-1111 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-443-3134

■Company Outline

TAKAOKA CHEMICAL has developed an insulator used for the world's best 800 kV power transmission and the industry's first mold transformer for data centers. We distribute these products to all power companies in Japan, to manufacturers of electric appliances/electric cables, and to manufacturers of heavy electrical machinery throughout the world. We also focus on developing new business and strengthening the foundations of our existing business.

■Main Products

Top runner mold transformers
Transformers for molding gauges
DC insulating transformers
Coils for linear motor cars
Mold parts for GIS
Ceramic capacitors
Hydrogen water generators

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■Core Competence

1. For more than 40 years, TAKAOKA CHEMICAL has provided epoxy mold products developed through its original compounding/evaluation technology to power companies, including the Tokyo Electric Power Company. These epoxy mold products were developed after satisfying essential requirements in solid insulation technology for heavy electrical machinery, such as electrical insulation performance, mechanical strength, and crack resistance performance. Recently, we have further developed this technology to manufacture glass fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) used under ultrahigh voltage.
2. TAKAOKA CHEMICAL used an F-type mold to develop and provide Japan's first DC insulation transformers, which are used for the latest semiconductor manufacturing equipment (more than DC 220 kV). The F-type mold was also applied to develop transformers for power distribution units (PDUs) for data centers.
3. We provide products that meet customers' needs by reviewing and ensuring the products' structures and shapes satisfy customers' specifications and by implementing design/manufacture/evaluation.