Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 1002 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies


Specialized in rubber heater manufacturing, we provide our customers with the best solution by offering custom-made products.

Address 1-601 Hara Tennlpaku-ku Nagoya Aichi 468-0015 Japan, Aichi 468-0015 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-804-3140

■Company Outline

As a pioneer in manufacturing silicone rubber heaters in Japan, we accept a minimum order of a single piece of heater. We also support our customers with our know-hows, and play a role in providing solutions for innovative product designs and developments.

■Main Products

Silicon rubber heaters are, unlike traditional metal heaters, very flexible and thin heating sheet that can be applied to a variety of surfaces with different designs suitable to them. We have a number of different types of heaters including standard, heat-resistant, magnetic, and elastic ones. You may incorporate a desirable heater as a new source of heat for the design and development of your products. We also offer temperature controllers and other instruments to optimize the performance of our heaters.


Standard type

Magnet type

Stretch type

■Core Competence

Being a pioneer in making silicon rubber heaters in Japan, we started our company by making a single piece of heater for our customers. We have put a considerable time since then in research/development and succeeded in cultivating unprecedented fields of application. We also have successfully modified standardized imported heaters for better usability. Our magnetic heaters were developed more than twenty years ago by collaborating with a material producer. Since then we have continually upgraded its magnetic power, resulting in higher temperature applications of today. Elastic heaters, with carbon fibers incorporated, are another type of heaters we offer with our unique product line-up. Since this type of heaters are very flexible and go well along with bumpy surfaces, they are useful to install on aircrafts with many complicated parts and shapes. We are currently entering into a market of aircraft production and repair.