Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 059 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies

Natsume Co., Ltd.

A dedicated manufacturer of electrodes for welding with a market share of 30% in spot welding electrodes for automobile manufacturers

Address 48 Hashimoto, Ohmura, Toyohashi, Aichi 440-0081 JAPAN
Tel +81-532-56-2230

■Company Outline

Natsume manufactures electrodes for the arms and tips of welding guns used in spot welding. Natsume has a market share of 30% in the cap tips used in joining the internal and external parts of automobiles. Natsume’s forte is machining techniques for non-metals, and Natsume enjoys a fine reputation for its stable quality and unique drilling techniques using water cooling.

■Main Products

Cap Tips
Disc Electrodes for Seam Welding
Bus Bars
Electrodes Axis

■Core Competence

Small-lot/various-kind nonferrous metal processing
Natsume provides its electrodes for resistance welding and copper alloy based nonferrous metal products to automobile manufacturers, welding machine manufacturers, and home appliance manufacturers in Japan and overseas. We are steadily developing as one of the top manufacturers of nonferrous metal processed products in Japan.
In particular, the production volume of cap tips (expendable supplies for electrode tips) has drastically increased over the last few years. The installation of an automatic processing machine has further improved our productivity.
To meet increasing customer needs such as small-lot production, short delivery time, and high quality, Natsume will develop human resources (skilled personnel), improve our facilities, and consolidate the management system to increase customer satisfaction.