Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 306 Manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies


Japan’s leading manufacturer of heater units for kotatsu tables

Address 11-1 Terada, Yokoyama, Anjo, Aichi 446-0045 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-75-8811

■Company Outline

METRO DENKI KOGYO takes pride in its technologies in the domains of bulbs, heater units and LEDs. Products that ensure public safety are highly regarded. For that reason, the company’s kotatsu (Japanese covered low table with a heating unit underneath) heaters hold over 70% market share in Japan. The heaters are used not only in space heating, but also as the heat source in various industrial machines.

■Main Products

Heater units for electric kotatsu tables
Carbon heaters
Electric light bulbs
LED collective lamps




■Core Competence

An electric kotatsu table is a clean product that heats up promptly, and is excellent energy-saving heating equipment.
METRO DENKI manufactures heater units for electric kotatsu, holding over 70% of the domestic market share.

Our carbon/halogen heaters enclosing quartz tubes, which are developed through original electric light bulb manufacturing technology, are highly appraised for their excellent performance and are widely used in heaters, cooking devices, and industrial mechanical equipment.
Especially, newly developed double tube heaters incorporating reflectors, “Mira Heater,” have a high level of heat efficiency in the front part of the reflector, which is expected to exhibit high energy conservation performance.

METRO DENKI will continue to develop new products by applying our long experience and know-how, while contributing to society.