Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 316 Manufacture of petroleum and coal products


A manufacturer of lubricants and mold release agents that integrates technologies for these products

Address 10-1 Nishifukido, Imaoka, Kariya, Aichi 448-0008 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-36-3690

■Company Outline

CHUKYO KASEI has worked on lubrication technologies since its founding in 1948. Early on, the company succeeded in domestic production of cold forging oil and developed chlorine-free products. CHUKYO KASEI cooperates with customers in developing lubricants, metal working fluids and mold-release agents, in line with evolving machining technologies and materials.

■Main Products

Mold release agents (for molding plastic, rubber, glass, etc.)
Metal working fluids (cold forging oil, cutting/grinding oil, anti-rust oil, etc.)
Lubricants (for industrial use, automobiles, etc.)
Grease (for industrial use, automobiles, etc.)
Other (cleaning agents, aerosol products including antirust lubricants, anti-freeze agents, etc.)

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■Core Competence

Lubrication/mold release technologies for contributing to new materials and processing technology
Technology of “Mold release agents”.
Chukyo Kasei Kogyo has succeeded in domestic production of mold release agents for plastics for the first time in Japan, holding a significant market share in aerosol products. We recently developed a mold release agent for light-emitting diodes and it is now used by approximately 70% of relative manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
Technology of “Cold forging oil”.
With the advancement of processing technology and recent changes of materials, a new oil solution is required. To meet such demand, we initiated the pursuit of chlorine-free and lead-free products, and have gained a great demand from manufacturers of cold forging machines.