Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 106 Manufacture of electronic parts, devices and circuits

Kinuura Denki CO., LTD.

Specialized manufacturer of coils with a total manufacturing system for winding and resin casting and molding

Address 1-64-21 Kamezaki-Kitaura, Handa, Aichi 475-0027 JAPAN
Tel +81-569-29-1211

■Company Outline

Kinuura Denki provides electromagnetic precision circuits, including epoxy resin-molded coils, starting reactors, and transformers with quick delivery times and at low cost. The company is an expert in epoxy resin casting coils, producing a variety of products that offer high endurance to temperature changes and vibration.

■Main Products

Air conditioners and control components for cooling/heating devices used in vending machines and showcases require durability against high/low temperatures, water resistance (waterproof), and vibration resistance (mechanical strength). Kinuura Denki meets these requirements with epoxy resin molded products and BMC resin molded products. Our main products include electromagnetic valve coils for air conditioners, electromagnetic valve coils for vending machines and showcases, stator coils for stepping motors, gear motors for inverter air conditioners, drain pump motor coils, starting reactors for air conditioners, transformers for spot welding machines, high frequency wave/high pressure transformers, control components for continuously variable motors, slip rings, rotary solenoid, control components for fiber processing machines, etc.

■Core Competence

As the top manufacturer of epoxy resin molds and BMC resin molds, Kinuura is able to provide control components that are resistant to high/low temperatures (from over 100ºC to under -20 ºC) and are resistant to heat cycle/heat shock. These features are necessary for control components to continue or control the flow rate of refrigerant gas in coolers, freezers, or heaters such as domestic room air conditioners, industrial packaged air conditioners, car air conditioners, vending machines, and showcases at convenience stores. In addition, mechanical strength such as water resistance and vibration resistance are also required. Kinuura Denki meets such requirements by using its original techniques and molding parts and products with either epoxy resin or BMC resin.
In conformity with regulations governing harmful substances such as environmental load substances, we have been committed to providing environmental-friendly products in order to realize shorter delivery time, strict quality control and small-lot/various-type production for meeting customer needs as well as cost reduction.