Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0021 Manufacture of chemical and allied products

Tilement Corporation

The top manufacturer of adhesives for construction

Address 1-58 Shukuato, Nakamura, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0067 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-412-5300

■Company Outline

Tilement introduced adhesives for construction first in Japan. Tilement Corporation is offering 170 types of adhesives to meet various conditions. Based on customer satisfaction, the company has been conducting research and development on adhesives that are resident-friendly, builder-friendly, and environment-friendly.

■Main Products

Environmental adhesive series Adhesives for floor finishing construction Strong AC (polyvinyl chloride (PVC) adhesive for floor finishing construction), Neo Strong U-CT (bridging joists, bundling, for flooring construction), Tack Bond (for composition tile construction), CP-6N (carpet tile construction) Adhesives for construction W-2 (for general wood construction), W-4 (for wall/ceiling board construction), EM-100 (wood base construction), EM Habaki (base board construction), MS-850 (polystyrene foam lagging board construction) Adhesives for ceramic tiles UR-50 (interior ceramic tile construction) UR-60T (interior ceramic tile construction)

■Core Competence

Room air pollution caused by chemicals of building materials remains a controversial issue. Demands for environmental-friendly operation and healthy housing have been increasing. Tilement believes that housing adhesive should not only be effective but also safe. We have been developing new environmental-friendly products in consideration of residents’ and builders’ health for over 15 years. We have established our own strict standards to achieve our beliefs. A new environmental adhesive series, GG (Global Green), has been developed under our standards. In order to realize the clean room environment of houses, preschools, and hospitals, we will aim to manufacture adhesives that do not generate room air pollution (zero pollution) while maintaining original adhesive characteristics.