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B Food Science Co., Ltd.

The leading manufacturer of sugar based polyols in Japan, which contributes to a broad range of industries based on its accumulated knowledge and advanced development capabilities.

Address 24-12, Kitahama-machi, Chita-shi, Aichi 478-0046 JAPAN
Tel +81-562-55-1171

■Company Outline

Established in 1969, B Food Science is a leading manufacturer of sugar based polyols in Japan, developing products that meet market needs and supplying customers with safe, reliable products. By leveraging technical and R&D capabilities acquired through the sugar based polyols business, B Food Science also pursues new business such as “1-kestose”,a high performance prebiotic.

■Main Products

・Sugar based polyols
Sugar based polyols belong to the same digestible sugar group as sucrose and starch syrup, and exist in fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables. In addition to possessing good sweetness, they are low in calories, and provide superior performance in terms of physical and chemical stability, shelf life, preventing browning, and moisture retention. Leveraging these distinguishing features, they are widely used in food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industrial products. There are various types of sugar based polyols, such as sorbitol, hydrogenated starch hydrolysates, erythritol, xylitol, and maltitol.
1-Kestose is a high performance prebiotic that increases the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria, including bifidobacterium bifidum, lactic acid bacterium, and butyrate-producing bacteria.

■Core Competence

With the largest share of the Japanese market for sugar based polyols, B Food Science has developed various products that meet market needs, such as SWEET P EM, the world’s first crystallized hydrogenated starch hydrolysate created using eutectic crystalline technology. It also has developed a wide range of new uses extending from food to industrial application, which has been contributing to resolving challenges for customers.
Leveraging the technical and R&D capabilities acquired through its sugar based polyols business, B Food Science commercialized the high performance prebiotic 1-kestose.
It is also undertaking various R&D activities, including developing continuous flow type hydrothermal reactor using subcritical water control technology and industrializing valuable beta-linked sugar from nonedible biomass resources.