Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0201 Manufacture of chemical and allied products


Specialist manufacturer of additive agents for lubrication (made of tetrafluoroethylene resin), pioneer in the field of contract pulverizing

Address 1-242 Shiratsuchi, Haruki, Togo, Aichi 470-0162 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-803-5151

■Company Outline

KITAMURA developed additive agents for lubrication (fine powder) by taking advantage of fluoroplastic: excellent sliding performance, nonadhesiveness, heat resistance, water/oil-repellence and chemical resistance. As a pioneering company, KITAMURA applies its expertise to pulverizing various types of plastics, chemicals and organic substances.

■Main Products

Kitamura provides a variety of additive agents for lubrication with a 50% particle diameter (fluoroethylene resin) in the range from 3 to 40 μm. We also provide additive agents for synthesized resin, rubber/elastomer, coating, ink, oil, grease, and wax. The excellent features of fluoroplastic can be provided simply by spraying onto sliding surfaces or by applying dispersed solvent to sliding surfaces. Kitamura also carries out contract pulverizing by applying its pulverization technology.

■Core Competence

Pulverizing difficult materials on a mass-production scale and commercializing such services
Among providers of fluoroplastic-based additive agents for lubrication, Kitamura is the only company in the world that pulverizes completely burnt high-molecular-weight PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene resin) to 14 μm with a 50% particle diameter. Our product lineups do not only include synthesized resin, coating, and ink but also apply to various sliding materials, which is expanding the possibility of tribology.
The pulverizing technology has been applied to contracting pulverizing services. We take pride in providing a great diversity of products (thousands of types) with monthly productivity of 300 to 400 t achieved by our advanced pulverizing facilities.