Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0506 Manufacture of chemical and allied productsList of industrial classification

KIKUSUI Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of wall paints, construction materials, and other products, under the slogan, “Work in Harmony with Nature, Work for the Benefit of People.”

Address 2-19-25 Nishiki, Naka, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0002 JAPAN, Aichi 460-0003 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-300-2222

■Company Outline

KIKUSUI Chemical has been producing environmentally friendly and recyclable architectural paints and coatings since its establishment in 1959.
Under the slogan, “Work in Harmony with Nature, Work for the Benefit of People,” we continually seek new challenges in an effort to achieve new goals.
We have always worked to create safer and more reliable products, and we will continue doing so.

■Main Products

MILLTEX5: These paints, which come from environmentally progressive Sweden, are free of substances that can produce allergic reactions. They were created based on the concept of providing improved housing and living conditions for a healthier environment and better future for children.
MODERNART: This sheet wall paneling is produced by a special method of fusing milled natural stone and resin materials at high temperatures. The product features a high-quality stone-like texture and a highly waterproof and durable structure. In addition, it is appreciated for its safety performance in preventing secondary earthquake disasters, collapse of tiled walls, and other damage.




■Core Competence

Under the slogan, “Work in Harmony with Nature, Work for the Benefit of People,” we create wall paints, construction materials, and other products. Our paints, in particular, are water-based and organic-solvent-free and we use our own methods to minimize drainage and waste generated during the production process.
As a paint manufacturer committed to the enhancement of cityscapes, we provide as many as 1,200 different basic colors?no competitors offer such a vast number of products? to meet customer needs and expectations, based on our belief in “Many People, Many Colors.”
In addition, we deal with natural paints from Germany and allergy-free paints from Sweden.
KIKUSUI Chemical has a deep respect for the environment, color harmony, and the individual employees.