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Certification No. 0608 Manufacture of chemical and allied products

Japanese Traditional Candle Shop Isobe Rosoku-ten

A well-established candle manufacturer in Okazaki with a 300-year history, producing Japanese traditional candles (wa-rosoku) using traditional materials and techniques.

Address 1-27 Hachiman, Okazaki, Aichi 444-0047 JAPAN, Aichi 444-0047 JAPAN
Tel +81-564-24-0245

■Company Outline

Isobe Rosoku-ten has been producing Japanese traditional candles (wa-rosoku) since the Edo period. We respond to any inquiries about candles. Moreover, we manufacture and deliver products that fit customer needs, and offer proposals for the environment to allow appreciation of candles.

■Main Products

Japanese traditional candles have been made using traditional materials and techniques for over 300 years. We manufacture hand-made Japanese traditional candles (wa-rosoku) made with 100% natural sumac nuts produced in Japan. Furthermore, we have recently developed products made from rice bran wax as well as painted candles (e-rosoku).


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■Core Competence

In production of Japanese traditional candles (wa-rosoku), it is important to fully meet user needs. We have long been promoting an environment for candles including utensils and places. Through these activities, we have also developed connections and relationships with companies and municipalities, which has become our unique strength. The quality of our products is identified as being hand-made and genuine. In addition, the fact that we receive a high degree of publicity through our close relationship with the media shows our distinctive advantage.