Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0160 Manufacture of chemical and allied products


No. 1 manufacturer of mold release agents for polyurethane foam and thermal paper additives, utilizing its core competence in emulsification and dispersion technologies

Address 5 Oyashiki, Kobashigata, Ama, Aichi 490-1212 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-442-5550

■Company Outline

With advanced emulsification and dispersion technologies, CHUKYO YUSHI, a manufacturer of functional oil and chemical products, develops wax and surfactant application agents. The company has the largest domestic market share of mold release agents for polyurethane foam molding. In addition, CHUKYO YUSHI develops environment-friendly products and provides VOC (volatile organic compound)-free water-based mold release agents.

■Main Products

Chukyo Yushi has the largest domestic market share of mold release agents for polyurethane foam molding as used in molding seats and steering wheels for automobile interiors. Recently, we have actively delivered a number of products to our customers who have entered growing markets in Asia. Chukyo Yushi provides stable mold releasing performance without damaging the surface of products by originally blending various mold release agents. We aim to further increase our market share by providing recently developed environment-friendly water-based mold releasing agents.
Chukyo Yushi also has a large market share in lubricant agents and water resistant additives for coating agents of information recording forms. These unique products have micron-level water-resistant elements that are evenly dispersed in water, and demand is expanding with the increasing applications of information recording forms.

■Core Competence

Chukyo Yushi has outstanding know-how and experience in emulsification and dispersion technologies to evenly combine hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances that are normally difficult to mix.
By using such technologies, we hold a domestic market share of 60% in mold release agents for automobile polyurethane seats, 70% in mold release agents for printed-wiring phenol assemblies, and 80% in coating agents for information recording forms. With the application of these technologies, the amount of solvent used can be reduced and there are great expectations that we will contribute to companies that aim to shift away from using solvents.
Recently, we have been making efforts to synthesize our product materials such as wax or active surface agents using our unique technologies. By applying these synthesizing technologies, we are creating original compounded agents.