Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0305 Manufacture of chemical and allied products

Amano Enzyme Inc.

Japan’s No. 1 manufacturer of enzyme products for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, food and industrial uses

Address 1-2-7 Nishiki, Naka, Nagoya, Aichi 460-8630 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-211-3032

■Company Outline

Amano Enzyme, the No. 1 enzyme product manufacturer in Japan, supplies unique and diverse enzyme products that are produced through two different fermentation systems: solid culture and submerged culture. Amano’s enzyme products are used around the world in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, food and industrial areas.

■Main Products

Pharmaceutical/health care enzymes
(Biodiastase, Lipase AP, Lactase DS, α-Galactosidase DS)

Synthesis enzymes
(Lipase PS, Acylase)

Diagnostic enzymes
(Glucose Oxidase, Cholesterol Oxidase)

Enzymes for food industries
(Umamizyme, Protease M, KLEISTASE, EnzymeRP-1G, Deamizyme, Glutaminase Daiwa, Transglucosidase, Lipase AY)

■Core Competence

Amano Enzyme provides unique and diverse enzyme products (124 types, 151 products) produced through two original different fermentation systems. In particular, our digestive enzyme products have the largest domestic market share in pharmaceutical enzymes. In the diagnostic enzyme area, the glucose oxidase is most widely used in the world. In the food and industrial area, we developed the unprecedented enzyme for processing the protein, “Transglutaminase.”

Amano Enzyme is highly recognized as a world No.1 speciality enzyme producer through enzymes for digestion/healthcare/biotransformation /diagnostics in medical uses and for protein/brewing/flavor/starch/fat&oil in food-processing uses.