Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0124 Manufacture of ceramic, stone and clay products


Japan’s largest clay roofing tile manufacturer, committed to establishing the company brand with disaster-resistant plain tile at the core of its business

Address 2-12 Sunosaki, Handa, Aichi 475-8528 JAPAN
Tel +81-569-29-3436

■Company Outline

TSURUYA is the largest manufacturer of clay roofing tiles in Japan. The company is expanding its selection of products and enriching its shipping services to improve customer satisfaction. To raise brand awareness, TSURUYA is developing disaster-proof and environmentally friendly products that meet the market’s needs.

■Main Products


J-form disaster-resistant roofing tiles
Japanese-style, traditionally curved roofing


F-form disaster-resistant roofing tiles
Western-style, flat form
For simple and sharp roof


M-form disaster-resistant roofing tiles
Western-style, "M" form
Lightweight disaster-resistant roofing tiles

■Core Competence

Japan’s largest manufacturer of disaster-resistant clay roofing tiles,
Tsuruya is the largest manufacturer of clay roofing tiles and deals with traditional roofing tiles called Sanshu tiles that were developed in Aichi. Our roofing tile called “SUPER TRY 110” series is highly regarded in the market for its resistance to earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rain, which is contributing to our sales increase. Tsuruya holds a market share of approximately 18% in the three largest production areas (Sanshu, Sekishu, and Awaji) in Japan. We believe these positive outcomes are based on our efforts to meet the market needs by offering distinguishing products, developing various product lineups, improving delivery services, emphasizing the environment, and providing safe/secure products. These factors are also our strength.
The third line of the Agui Plant started operation in April 2007 and has improved its combustion efficiency by 20% to offset the increased costs caused by rising fuel prices.