Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0442 Manufacture of ceramic, stone and clay products

Toyo Matelan Corporation

Japan’s largest manufacturer of quick-drying cement for home improvement centers and reinforced concrete (RC) outdoor restrooms for parks

Address 1512 Akechi, Kasugai, Aichi 480-0303 JAPAN
Tel +81-568-88-0777

■Company Outline

Toyo Matelan Corporation manufactures and sells construction materials made from high-quality silica sand produced in Seto, landscape products, and casting materials. We provide household cement and cement and concrete constructions, including outdoor restrooms and other niche products, for use nationwide.

■Main Products

Our products are broadly divided into two categories: material products (premixed cement and refined silica sand) and landscape products (outdoor restrooms and concrete trees).

We have over 350 different material products, which are widely used for construction, casting, and housing equipment materials. We supply materials to major companies, as well as to the general public through home improvement centers.

We provide landscape products and help to construct parks throughout Japan, from the planning stage to product development. In particular, our proprietary products are highly valued for their design, quality, cost, and delivery.

■Core Competence

Our business started with the manufacturing of casting materials using refined silica sand. We then expanded into a new field of quick-drying cement. As our third key business, we now also help plan and manufacture landscape products for parks.
To offer tailored products to meet customer needs, we have been developing core technologies based on many years of experience. These include a technology for manufacturing premixed cement: by simply mixing water with the material, it can be easily used for various applications. In addition, we are able to design and manufacture functionally beautiful, value-added concrete landscape products.
Our products are used as construction and housing materials, some of which are available in home improvement centers. They are used by a wide range of customers nationwide, ranging from the general public to municipal governments.
We ensure the timely distribution of our products based on a flexible production system that combines the best elements of hand-crafting and mass production.