Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0125 Manufacture of ceramic, stone and clay products


R&D based clay roofing tile manufacturer, providing module and solar roofing tiles

Address 4-7-2 Ronchi, Takahama, Aichi 444-1314 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-53-2631

■Company Outline

Original horizontal-pile firing system for Flat-style roofing tile, SHINTO COMPANY has achieved high quality and productivity in marketing module roofing tiles that allow shorter construction times and less waste materials. The company is the first in this industry to commercialize a integrated solar roofing tile that combines tiles and solar panels. SHINTO COMPANY boasts a strong product development capacity.

■Main Products

Clay roofing tile( Flat -style)
Clay roofing tile(S-style)
Clay roofing tile (Japanese-style)
Roofing tile (prevention of disasters: typhoon and earthquake)
Environmental-friendly products
Environmental clay roofing tile (integrated with a moss unit)
PV roofing system integrate with F-style roofing tile
Module roofing tile (shorter construction times and less waste materials)
System roofing tile (shorter construction times and less waste materials)
Environmental construction system

■Core Competence

In order to respond to diverse modern architecture that always changes with the developments over time, Shinto Company is making every effort to manufacture higher quality clay roofing tiles by studying tile shapes and colors required by customers and introducing modern facilities with leading technologies. Featuring of our products are environmental-friendly products, high quality and beautiful surface products firing high temperature tunnel kiln.
SHINTO COMPANY has been promoting quality management and environmental management by acquiring JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and ISO (9001, 14001) certifications.