Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0045 Manufacture of ceramic, stone and clay products

Narumi China Corporation

A manufacturer of bone china and top plates for electromagnetic cooking with the top share in Japan

Address 3 Denjiyama, Narumi, Midori, Nagoya, Aichi 458-8530 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-896-2213

■Company Outline

Narumi bone china tableware is a representative brand of Japan. Narumi develops, produces and sells ceramic ware with major technologies in forming, firing and glazing. Narumi has the top share of top plates for IH cooking heaters to which colored decorations have been applied on the bottom for the first time in the world.

■Main Products


■■Tableware Division
■Fine western-style tableware "Narumi bone china"
(dinnerware, giftware, hotel & restaurant ware, baby tableware)
■Fine western-style tableware "Narumi China"(dinnerware, giftware)
■Porcelain product "Lucid" for hotel & restaurant use
■Oxide-strengthened porcelain "Ridia" for hotel & restaurant use
■Strengthened heat-resistance porcelain "Techno-Ceram"
■Glassware "Glass works Narumi"
■Interior products such as porcelain frames
■Imported products such as table tops
■■Industrial Devices Division
■Ultra heat-resistance crystallized glasses "Neo-Ceram" (top plates for cooking stove, parts for cooking appliances)
■Bone China related products (interior decoration products, interior parts for automobiles)
■Other products

■Core Competence

Narumi’s core technologies are “decoration” and “firing.”
Our pioneer spirit for ceramic ware has been handed down to our firing and decoration (printing) techniques, and our main tableware and industrial hardware divisions take pride in holding the top market share in the industry.
What backs up such technologies is ideas and imagination.
Narumi’s innovative technologies are gathering attention from not only related industries but also other industries such as the home electronic industry and automobile industry. We are also able to properly commercialize our technologies. Narumi’s products are not stored in a machine but used in a place where people are able to view them.
Narumi tableware always acquires high scores in market research, which shows that our design firmly supports our technologies.