Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0136 Manufacture of ceramic, stone and clay products


Company manufacturing and marketing environmentally friendly Japanese-style roofing tiles, plain roofing tiles, western-style roofing tiles and many other variations

Address 4-2-30 Ronchi, Takahama, Aichi 444-1314 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-52-0211

■Company Outline

MARUSUGI is a major Sanshu (Mikawa region) roofing tile manufacturer that started out in 1968. The company has been promoting process automation and laborsaving methods in manufacturing, As one of the first companies to introduce process automation and laborsaving methods, the company has been dedicated to the promotion of these systems in manufacturing. as an environment-friendly company, obtained ISO14001,9001,27001 and OHSAS certification, and introduced advanced management technology. Recently, MARUSUGI demonstrated its commitment to environmental preservation by developing recycled products, zero-emission roofing tiles and a precut piece construction method.

■Main Products


Eagle Lock: is designed for disaster prevention and provides linear beauty with a unique tile locking system.


Eagle Flat: is fully flat and is designed for earthquake/wind resistance, and is in an appropriate form for introducing environment-friendly systems such as solar energy generation system


Eagle M: is a European style roofing tile that has a round "M" shape, and provides a variety of 13 colors that can also be mixed.


Eagle Jumbo S: is larger than the conventional S-type roofing tiles, and has excellent functions for disaster prevention as well as high cost performance such as the need for fewer tiles.

■Core Competence

Marusugi has taken the initiative to address environmental activities such as shift to cleaner fuels and recycling of roofing tile waste, and has obtained the Environment ISO 14001 certification.
To apply such environmental management technology, we established a new plant in Takahama to introduce energy-saving/highly-efficient burning technologies. We are currently applying for a patent.
With the development of zero-emission roofing tiles, Marusugi is making great efforts to represent “environment-friendly roofing tiles.”