Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 0103 Manufacture of ceramic, stone and clay products


Industrial abrasive stone manufacturer that meets the needs of high-precision machining repuirements, holding the No. 1 market share of mounted wheels in Japan

Address 1 Chuden, Shinchi, Chita, Aichi 478-8641 JAPAN
Tel +81-562-55-3155

■Company Outline

FSK INC. excels at manufacturing miniature grinding stones and special tools used in the field of ultra high precision grinding. The company meets the diverse needs of customers - from tiny mounted points with a diameter of 0.00 mm to ultra-precision horning tools - in the internal grinding field. FSK has approximately 600 kinds of mounted wheels in standerd stock ready for immediate delivery.

■Main Products


The miniature grinding stones use carbige shafting, enabling high-rigidity proccessing
Variety of products to meet various needs
Flexible solutions from rough grinding to precision grinding


■Core Competence

FSK has approximately 600 kinds of mounteed wheels in standerd stock ready for immediate delivery. These products hold 50% of the domestic market share.
FSK has introduced processing of automobile parts, including internal grinding processing. Some of our excellent products are: CBN and diamond abrasives, special tools, and diamond coating tools.
As a company that proposes technologies, FSK creates unique products by applying its original technologies. The consolidation of our sales/technology development/manufacturing divisions have also contributed to our product development. FSK will continue to support world manufacturing with its high performance and high quality products.