Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 314 Manufacture of beverages, tobacco and feed


A brewery in the Okumikawa area committed to brewing and spreading the culture of high quality sake

Address 22 Machiura, Taguchi, Shitara, Aichi 441-2301 JAPAN
Tel +81-536-62-0505

■Company Outline

SEKIYA BREWING has been producing high quality sake since its founding in 1864. In order to take advantage of the natural, rich flavor of our rice to produce the highest quality sake, our company is constantly promoting computerization and streamlining of workplace technology. In recent years, SEKIYA BREWING has been working on programs to spread the culture of sake to more and more people. For example, visitors are given a hands-on experience of the brewing process through tours of our brewery. We also brew made-to-order sake for those seeking truly unique quality and flavor.

■Main Products

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■Core Competence

Business development based on manufacturing and brewing of high quality sake.
◎ Manufacturing of high quality sake
All our rice is milled in-house, with an average polish of 50% (high polished rice). With computerized facilities to maximize production efficiency and improve data collection, we produce our sake with extreme attention to detail.
◎Businesses created through Japanese sake manufacturing
We produce and distribute spirits distilled of our own sake lees, as well as liqueurs that uses those original spirits in combination with agricultural products from our local Okumikawa region.
We have been working on programs to spread and promote the culture of sake by providing visitors with a hands-on sake brewing experience through brewery tours, producing made-to-order sake, and holding sake brewing seminars.
◎Agricultural measures
We rent fields from local farmers to grow Yumesansui, our brand of high-quality brewer’s rice, thereby securing future rice stocks, while preserving the original local landscape.