Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 156 Manufacture of beverages, tobacco and feed


Beverage and food manufacturer well known for its lemon-related products and canned coffee

Address 4-2-29 Sakae, Naka, Nagoya, Aichi 460-8415 JAPAN
Tel +81-52-249-5583

■Company Outline

POKKA CORPORATION started out with lemon juice products. Today, its core business areas are lemon, coffee, and soup products. POKKA was the first company in the industry to develop a canned coffee, and the first to produce a vending machine that dispenses hot and cold canned drinks. In addition, POKKA conducts research on the nutrients and health benefits of lemons and disseminates these results.

■Main Products

POKKA CORPORATION has developed original products and has gained customer satisfaction. Our products include "Chelate Lemon (sour lemon drink)," "Aromax (coffee beverage with sealed richness and aroma)," "Biz Time (suitable for business scenes)" and "Jikkuri Kotokoto Nikonda Soup (made of natural ingredients)."


■Core Competence

Pokka started its business producing and selling lemon juice products, namely lemon drinks in 1957, and is making efforts to expand its business by providing products that meet various customer needs. “Pokka Lemon 100,” our initial product, has established the top status in the market. We are aiming to achieve further growth by promoting the health values of lemon and with menus that contribute to a healthy diet. While there are a number of competitors in lemon drinks due to the large market scale, Pokka aims to make further inroads into the market with its core brand “Chelate Lemon” for its sense of natural well being. Furthermore, we will maximize the use of our management resources such as development capacity of lemon research, systems, and tradition, in order to establish many solid lemon drink brands.