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Certification No. 0436 Manufacture of beverages, tobacco and feed

Nanzan-en Tea Corporation

Producing powdered green tea in a hygienic plant using clean wind energy

Address 20 Minamiyama, Fujii, Anjo, Aichi 444-1198 JAPAN
Tel +81-566-99-0128

■Company Outline

Nanzan-en Tea Co. Ltd,. is a hygiene- and environment-conscious tea manufacturer with a 70-year history. We are the only company in the Chubu region to have an integrated powdered green tea production system for tea farming, roasting, and sales. In a HACCP-qualified plant constructed in 2007, we use the industry’s first foreign material remover in the production of powdered tea to assure food safety for consumers.

■Main Products

Nanzanen uses only tea leaves harvested in Japan and stone mills to produce powdered green tea. Stone-milled, 4-micron green tea powder yields an exceptionally mild taste. To meet customer needs, we provide various powdered green tea products, such as for tea ceremonies and processed food materials, as well as those treated to be discoloration-resistant, disinfected, or sterilized. We also provide blended powdered green  tea in accordance with customer requirements.


■Core Competence

To produce powdered green tea, Nanzan-en Tea Corporation starts with cultivating special tea plants. We have an integrated system to steam, dry, and then carefully grind with stone mills tea leaves grown with organic fertilizer developed with a fertilizer manufacturer.
Our new HACCP-approved plant, which started commercial production in May 2007, is equipped with the industry’s first foreign material remover. The powdered tea production line is almost fully automated in one of the industry’s most hygienic environments to ensure food safety.
We even have our own wind power station next to the plant to generate electricity from the winds that blow over the Yahagi river. Nanzanen strives to use environment-friendly, clean energy.