Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 317 Manufacture of beverages, tobacco and feed


A powdered green tea manufacturer committed to organic tea farming, environmental friendliness and safety

Address 7 Kamiyashiki, Kami-machi, Nishio, Aichi 445-0894 JAPAN
Tel +81-563-57-2570

■Company Outline

AOI SEICHA is a specialized manufacturer of safe and fine quality powdered green tea . The yield of tencha with traditional organic farming produced by contracted tea growers in Aichi Prefecture is ranked top in Japan. In particular, AOI SEICHA takes pride in its ability to meet customer needs on a multi-product, small-lot basis.

■Main Products

Powdered green tea for organic tea ceremonies and as ingredients
Powdered green tea for general tea ceremonies and as ingredients

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■Core Competence

Implementing strict traceability control

AOI SEICHA produces tencha by contract cultivation mainly in the mountain areas of Aichi. We ensure a large quantity of high quality green tea through the approximate total production area of 20 hectares (FY 2005). Currently, we are making efforts to obtain a global-standard organic certification to expand the market to overseas. We desire to promote Japanese-produced “matcha (powdered green tea)” to the world.