Profile of Aichi Quality Companies
Certification No. 609 Manufacture of beverages, tobacco and feed


A comprehensive alcohol manufacturer, producing a variety of original products using its traditional fermentation technology.

Address 5 Shitamachi, Maruyama, Nishio, Aichi 445-0891 JAPAN, Aichi 445-0891 JAPAN
Tel +81-563-56-2101

■Company Outline

AIOI UNIBIO is a comprehensive alcohol manufacturer, producing mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), distilled spirit and refined sake since its establishment in 1872. We pursue genuine taste in the manufacture of various products using our traditional fermentation technology. Our aim is to make possible a pleasant lifestyle for our customers.

■Main Products

[Hon mirin] Aioizakura Hon Mirin, Aioinishiki Hon Mirin, Traditional-style Hon Mirin, Old-style Mikawa Aioi Hon Mirin, Aji no Tsukasa Hon Mirin [Cooking sake] Aioi Kappo Ryorishu, Shokuraku Ryorishu [Refined sake] Daiginjo Aioi no Matsu, Ginjo Aioi, Junmaishu Aioi [Distilled spirit _ kou (continuous distillation)] Aioi Shochu, Mugi no Utage [Distilled spirit - otsu (batch distillation)] Mugi Shochu Muginomo, Bunshichi, Imo Shochu Kurose Tazemon, Aioi Choki Jukusei Mugi Shochu, Matcha Sen [Liqueur] Yuzukko, Aragoshi Tomato Riki, Rainbow Hon-zukuri Umeshu, various whiskeys [Fermented condiment, etc.] Mirin-style condiment, Aimi, wine, soup stock, Mirin-zuke, etc.
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■Core Competence

mirin" using the fermentation technology acquired from the Mikawa area's 130-year-old traditional mirin manufacturing method (old process), supporting the local food culture. We also manufacture Japanese sake with care using traditional methods. The Daiginjo Aioi no Matsu has won the Sake Quality prize of the National New Sake Awards several times. We carefully choose ingredients for manufacturing our distilled spirits. Furthermore, we produce unique bath powders using fermented rice essence. Based on our policies of "wisdom of food culture" and "wisdom of fermenting technology," we transform natural ingredients into products with the help of microorganisms, supporting a delicious/abundant food culture and healthy lifestyle.